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Small Penis? Who Knows?

Small Penis? Who Knows?

Penis enlargement is becoming more popular these days.

So why do men consider it?
A lot of men feel inadequately endowed but they find it difficult to consider the issue of penis size rationally. Most probably they don't know what the average size really is. According to statistical measurements obtained by experts, the average length of a non-erect penis is around 3 inches. The average length of an erect penis is around 5 inches. This certainly seems to be confirmed by the condom manufacturers who are quite likely to know their business.

It is interesting to note that most men are more concerned about the size of their limp penis than its erect size. This may reflect the fact that penises do not all expand at a uniform rate as calculated by some ancient Greek mathematician. Actually the small ones enlarge more than the big ones.

What can be done to make my penis appear longer?
If you are overweight, losing a few pounds will reduce the fat on your lower abdomen and the penis will emerge and seem longer. The same effect can be achieved for a lot more money and with some associated risks through liposuction.

The most common lengthening surgical procedure involves cutting the ligament at the root of the penis. This will allow the penis to hang lower and appear longer. This is not true lengthening as the penis effectively pulls the lower abdominal skin down and the hair in the area has to be shaved so as not to look out of place.

This operation is risky as some important nerves can be damaged during it. The penis will also probably point more downward when erect, as it won't be so well supported.

What can be done to make the penis look thicker?
Doctors can increase the penis circumference (girth) by injecting fat under the skin of the penis. This fat is usually obtained by liposuction from the abdomen. The fat usually gets absorbed gradually and the operation needs to be repeated. The penis can sometimes look uneven and nodular and there can be scarring after this procedure.

Better results in girth enhancement may be obtained by grafting fat removed from the thigh or abdomen under the skin of the penis. This is a bigger operation with bigger risks.

For anyone concerned about their penis size it is best to consult a GP and discuss the issues first before embarking on any enhancement procedures in the private sector. Some patients may end up with serious complications and probably a lot worse off. Some patients may benefit from a more thorough psychological assessment and help, although this idea may be difficult to accept at first.

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